Cooking Cheat Codes For You To Steal

If cooking is a skill you don’t have, there’s good news for you – there are cooking “cheat codes” out there for you to try! What are they? Reddit user u/MarielaGorman asked Redditors to share their favorite cooking “cheat codes” for beginner cooks, and it was very helpful!

  • "Vanilla and garlic are measured with your heart, not a spoon."
  • "If a meat recipe calls for water, don't use water; use the same amount of unsalted stock of the meat you're cooking. For chicken curry, use chicken stock. Beef stew, beef stock. Adds a lot more flavor to these dishes."
  • "Butter. A lot of butter. It's the difference between the food you have at home, and the same dish you have at the restaurant that magically tastes way better. I've seen whole sticks of butter disappear into sauces at restaurants."
  • "If you are frying potatoes, soak them first in water so some of the starch comes out. Makes them less mushy."
  • "Boiled vegetables: No! Sautéed vegetables in olive oil and salt: Yes!"
  • "Dry your meat off before frying, grilling, or roasting."
  • "Put a damp towel under your cutting board so it stays put. Cut veggies and fruits first, THEN meat; otherwise, you risk getting salmonella."
  • I never shredded my own cheese growing up, so I'll share this: Make sure cheese is cold when you grate it. Don't let it sit out too long, or else it will fall apart in your hands."

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Source: Reddit

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