Somebody Charges $480/Hr. To Help Gen Z And Millennials Talk On The Phone

It’s no secret that millennials and Gen Z mostly use their phones to do everything except actually talk on the phone. This has led to some being afraid to make phone calls, especially in a work setting. Mary Jane Copps is doing something about this. She started “The Phone Lady,” a consultancy that helps workers improve their skills and comfort with being on the phone.

"Gen Z have never had the skills given to them," she explains. "In my generation, the phone was on the wall in everyone's house, and we were taught to answer it and make calls at a young age. Now we have several generations that were never taught anything about talking on the phone, and people have removed phones from their homes."

It’ll cost you, though. For a one-on-one coaching session, Copps charges $480 an hour. She also charges $365 for 30-minute webinars, part of a seven-part program. She does corporate workshops too, but that’ll run you a daily rate of $3,500.

The first step of her process? To figure out why someone gets anxious about making a phone call. "A common fear is what if someone asks me a question and I don't know the answer," she says. "I often say, 'For the next three days, I don't want you to text anyone,' and tell them to call their friends and family.”

Source: Insider

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