Fashion Trends People Want To End With 2022

Now that Christmas is over, people are turning their focus to their goals for the year ahead. They’re ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and that goes for fashion as well. BuzzFeed asked readers to share the trends they want to see die with 2022 and they definitely didn’t hold back.

These are some of the fashion trends people don’t want to carry into 2023:

  • "Resin jewelry! It looks cheap and tacky, yet sellers charge a fortune for it. Also, it's horrendous for the environment."
  • "We need to ditch the tiny purses that hold a single chapstick."
  • "The checker-print everywhere thing got real old real quick. It's cute, but it's a trend that is on a crash course."
  • "Wolf cuts!!!"
  • "Low-rise jeans, please. I’m still recovering from the trauma last time they were trendy. No thanks."
  • "Chunky loafers need to stop being a thing because they're uncomfortable as hell."
  • "Makeup that makes you look like a Bratz doll. Overdrawn lips, contour, fake lashes that look like a spider. It would be cool to see people have an appreciation for their natural features."
  • "Crop tops. Can we please go back to fitted full-length shirts? I don’t necessarily want to expose my stomach, but I don’t want to wear a pillowcase for a shirt either."
  • "Matching sets. I said what I said."
  • "Tiny sunglasses. Seriously, what good are those doing? They’re barely big enough to cover your eyeball!"
  • "Sherpa EVERYTHING. I don't want to see another crusty, fuzzy bag."
  • "Short pants. Aren't your ankles cold? Did we learn nothing from cold shoulder tops?"
  • "Skinny jeans. You all look like Gru."
  • "High-waisted everything … Please leave a few mid-waist options for us short girls. I don't need my jeans to cover my boobs."
  • "What do you call that thing with the pants and boots morphed into one that Kim Kardashian always wears? That thing. Make it go away."
  • And finally, "Anything that Portia has worn in The White Lotus."

Source: BuzzFeed

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