HR Expert Shares Ways Job-Seekers Should Clean Up Their Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is something you may not be thinking about, but you should be. It’s the trail we leave online and it includes posting on social. Why should you care? Because it can impact things like a potential job. TikToker shoomew went viral about a month ago after she failed a background check because of her digital footprint and lost out on a job.

The good news is that there are some ways you can clean up your digital footprint. HR Manager at “Solar Panels Network USA” Michelle Hague explains that “job seekers should focus on presenting a professional and positive online presence that showcases their skills, experiences and values.” Here are some more tips she has on how you can have a positive digital footprint.

  1. Use privacy settings. Make your social channels private or use different privacy settings. Remind yourself that anything you post online can potentially be seen by an employer.
  2. Keep your online profiles up to date. Post your professional experience and any accomplishments you’ve made online, as it’ll show your skills and qualifications to future employers.
  3. Use keywords. Put relevant keywords in your profiles, especially the ones you want employers to see. This will help you show up in their searches.
  4. Build a personal brand. You can use your digital footprint strategically by showing off your personal brand. Make a personal website or blog that’ll show up first when people search you.

Source: In The Know

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