How Our "Life Goals" Change With Age

Our thoughts and tastes change as we age. We don’t usually realize this when we’re young and carefree, but we do as we get older. Redditor u/Love_humans asked, “What is something you used to be impressed with but are no longer?” and it may make you want to reevaluate your own life goals.

  • "People who try a little too hard to be 'different.' The main reason they dislike something is that it's just popular, or they go out of their way to make everything they like seem niche as shit, and think it's cool that most people 'just don't get them.'"
  • "Luxury brands. I think I just bought into the hype when I was younger, but I've largely stopped seeing the appeal."
  • "Men with money. Now men who know how to manage finances are much more impressive."
  • "Job titles. Then you start working with incompetent higher-ups and wonder how they got there."
  • "Connections with famous people. I work in the entertainment industry and deal with them. The worship of them is creepy and sad."
  • "Big houses. They are empty for most of the day while people are at work or school. They often cost more than people can realistically afford, so they strap people who are trying to keep up with the Joneses. They require A LOT of cleaning, maintenance, yard work, etc. And they require a moving service to move out of because of all the stuff you accumulated in the years you lived there."

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Source: Reddit

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