Redditors Reveal The Most Acceptable Unhealthy Habits

We hear a lot about healthy habits, the things people do regularly to help them live longer and better lives. From exercising more to drinking less soda, we’re told to do these things to improve our wellbeing and make us feel good, but a Reddit thread has us thinking about the flip side. It asks, “What is the most acceptable unhealthy habit?”

Hundreds of people are writing in to share the risky, harmful or downright dangerous things that seem to be widely supported and even encouraged. These are some of the top responses:

  • “Sleep deprivation”
  • “excessive screen-time”
  • “Overworking”
  • “Social media”
  • “Drinking alcohol”
  • “Sitting”
  • “Eating a ton of sugar and processed foods”
  • “Judging people”
  • “Hustle culture”
  • “Living above your means”
  • “Staying in a marriage JUST for the kids.”
  • “Tanning. People have to know it can’t be healthy to look like an Oompa Loompa.”
  • “Office (ie. sedentary) work.”
  • “Cell phone addiction”
  • “Focusing on the negative”
  • “Staying up late to get your free time in.”
  • “$8 900-calorie morning coffee”

Source: Reddit

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