Worst and Weirdest Foods Served At Holiday Events

You never know what you’re going to be served when you’re eating at someone else’s house and there’s always a chance it could be something you find disgusting. A Reddit thread gets into this topic by asking, “What is the worst/oddest food you have been served at a holiday event?”

Hundreds of people are sharing the bizarre and unappetizing things they’ve been given to eat around the holidays and these are some of the most interesting responses:

  • ‘“Candle salad' at an ex’s family Christmas. A slice of pineapple topped with half a banana standing balanced pointy side up, dollop of cottage cheese, and a cherry on top of the banana. It is absolutely worth looking up a picture; his grandma walked out of the kitchen with a tray of these things on tiny plates at the fancy formal Christmas dinner and I almost died.”
  • “Oyster stuffing is top tier”
  • “Christmas one year Grandpa brought three squirrels skinned, cleaned, and baked. Not really unusual except all the meat was still attached to the bones including the skulls. So we just had three rat-looking things in a pan, straight out of the movies. The worst part was, me being a 'try anything' kind of kid, Grandpa convinced me to crack open a skull and try the brain. Definitely traumatized some cousins that year.”
  • “Once I had meatloaf at a potluck that was heavily spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, and cumin. HEAVILY. When the lady who made it told me about the spices she had used, I tried to politely decline a bite but she insisted and shoved a piece into my mouth with her bare hand. There was a dog hair in it.”
  • “My late mother-in-law used to make a 'vegetable side' which was canned peas suspended in a clear gelatin, topped with a dollop of Miracle Whip.”
  • “My ex's grandma used to have different Jell-O concoctions for every event. Some were meant to be sweet with fruit, nuts, and marshmallows in it. Others were meant to be savory and those were absolutely vile. Beets, lettuce, olives, anchovies, mayonnaise, and God only knows what else. I've tried to block it out.”
  • “Spam soaked in apple cider with Red Hots.”

Source: Reddit

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