We Can’t Stand Four Hours With Family On Holidays

Do you find yourself in need of a minute alone when you’re with family during the holidays? Most of us do, according to new research. A survey of 2-thousand Americans who are traveling to visit relatives for the holidays reveals that they can only spend an average of three hours and 54 minutes with their family before needing a moment to themselves.

The poll also finds:

  • Three in four respondents will hit a point when they need time away from the crowd.
  • People can get pretty creative in how they escape, with 25% admitting they’ve hidden in a relative’s house to get a moment alone and 37% say they’ve even made up an excuse to leave the house alone.
  • Two in five of those surveyed say that staying with family can be a stressful experience.
  • Top concerns when staying with relatives include a lack of privacy (22%), family getting on your nerves (20%), drama between family members (20%), feeling like they’re imposing (19%) and having the house be too loud or busy (18%).
  • The average respondent is planning to stay with relatives for three and a half days this holiday season.
  • 40% say sleeping arrangements are the most stressful parts of hosting family members and that may be because an average of two people will end up sleeping on something other than a bed as a guest during the holidays.
  • Despite all of that, 95% of those surveyed believe it’s important to spend the holidays with family.

Source: The Hill

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