Married Women Share Unspoken Rules For Good Marriage

Whether you’re single or in a happy relationship of your own, lots of us are curious about the relationships of others. A Reddit thread is giving us a peek into people’s love lives by asking, “Married women, what are the unspoken rules for a successful marriage?”

Hundreds of women are offering their take on what it takes to have a good union and these are some of the best:

  • “Don’t let yourself be a doormat, but pick your battles.”
  • “Marriage is a partnership, not a codependency-ship. You each need to have some independence, your own personality, interests, etc.”
  • “Try before you buy. Live together, travel together and get physically and emotionally intimate. Make difficult decisions and see how they act when they don’t get their way. Have and expect integrity.”
  • “You should never feel like an empty bucket, just as your partner shouldn’t. You should both contribute to doing things for each other.”
  • “Understand that some things are just going to be the price of admission and accept the person you married … Sometimes the price of admission is too high. For me, the wet towel on the bed is annoying, but it’s worth the price of admission.”
  • “You need to be discerning when you date. It all starts with the quality of the man that you pick in the first place.”
  • “Love yourselves, know your worth, and don’t settle for ‘fixer-uppers’”
  • “If you’re parents, make sure you are husband and wife first, and then mom and dad second.”
  • Something I just learned after 25 years: ‘Tell me what you think I said.’ So many fights, accusations, and cheating happened because he “heard” something other than what I said.”
  • “They’re not a mindreader. Whatever you expect, whatever is on your mind, spell it out clearly.”
  • “Take accountability and apologize.”
  • “Have sex with your spouse.”
  • “Be true friends first. It’s easier to be married to a best friend, who never goes away.”

Source: Reddit

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