Women Share Flirting Tips That Every Guy Should Know

Want to flirt like a pro and definitely catch that girl’s attention without sounding like a jerk? If the answer’s yes then listen up -- women are sharing flirting tips you should know that’ll make you sound like a pro.

  • “Shower frequently or wear nice cologne. We smell before we see. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got three eyes and a mullet, if we smell Bleu by Chanel on you or something of the like, we will turn around to give you a second look.”
  • “Eye contact, a smile, and a “hi, I’m —-” followed by a handshake is gonna get you way farther than some corny compliment. If you really do wanna compliment me, do so after establishing a decent conversation. Starting off with a compliment makes it feel like you’re just trying to get into my pants as quickly as possible while bypassing every other aspect of me.”
  • “Say our names to our faces. In passing, conversation, farewells, any time. We love hearing our own names and we feel special when we hear it.”
  • “Be confident in yourself, but if she says “no thank you” or anything like that to your suggestion of hanging out or going on a date, PLEASE LEAVE HER ALONE. Pressuring someone into liking you is a surefire way of making them loathe you.”
  • “Don’t talk about a girl’s body. You can tell her her hair looks nice, or that her clothes are lovely, but don’t talk about her body. It comes off as a bit rude, and it makes it seem like you are only interested in one thing.”

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Source: ScoopWhoop

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