The Worst Types Of People To Work With During The Holiday Season

While some people are already enjoying time off for the holidays, the rest of us are still stuck at work. Many would like to be spending time with their loved ones right now, but the workload and looming end-of-year deadlines force them into the office. It can be a ghost town with so many people taking time off and the colleagues that are there can make this time of year easier or harder, depending on their attitudes toward the holidays.

These are the kinds of coworkers you don’t want to get stuck working with over the holidays.

  • The ones who force festive fun - You know the type, the ones who try to make everyone be jolly and take part in festivities like Secret Santa exchanges. Not everyone has the money or the desire to do a gift swap with people at work, so getting peer pressured into participating just to feel like you’re part of the team isn’t okay. And these cheerful little elves need to remember that even though it’s the holidays, not everyone wants to hear them blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the office.
  • The ones who assume single people don’t need time off as much as others - People who are single or don’t have kids often get assigned holiday shifts by those who mistakenly decide they need the time off less than employees who are married or parents. But a more compassionate coworker understands that everyone deserves time off, regardless of their family situation and personal life.
  • The ones who assume everyone’s celebrating the same holidays they do - Just because workplaces give Christmas as a company day off doesn’t mean everyone who works there celebrates the religious holiday. Some coworkers don’t understand why everyone’s not wishing them a Merry Christmas or think you’re a weirdo if you don’t put up decorations or a tree.
  • The ones who pressure colleagues to meet a bunch of deadlines in December - Some deadlines are unavoidable, but some things can wait and one of the toughest types of people to work with during the holidays? The person who doesn’t respect the wind down as the holidays approach. If we can hold off and circle back to something in the new year, why not do that?
  • The ones who check out and expect coworkers to do everything for them - If you get to take time off to enjoy the holidays, fantastic. Just don’t push all your to-dos off onto your colleague who’s still coming to work every day. A few tasks is one thing, but don’t pile all of your year-end work on to someone who’s probably already not happy to be there.

Source: Huff Post

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