The Worst Christmas Gift I've Gotten Is...

We know, you should be grateful for any Christmas gift that you get. “It’s the thought that counts” is something we’ve heard since childhood. But there are some gifts that are a bit questionable and Redditors are sharing their worst gifts.

  • "When I still lived with my parents, they got me a Cards Against Humanity deck. Right after I opened it, they told me I’m not allowed to play it until I turn 18. I was 15 at the time."
  • "Toothpaste. Apparently it wasn't even that my breath stank; we were just out of toothpaste."
  • "Years back, my cousin bought me a rifle case. I had never owned a gun or expressed interest in one. Just an empty rifle case."
  • "It was the first Christmas my father and current stepmother had together. Each of my stepsiblings got a new laptop, while I got a $20 gift card to McDonald's."
  • "My parents got me an acoustic guitar one Christmas. Problem: My brother was the one who asked for a guitar, not me. So essentially, my Christmas present was seeing my brother absolutely gutted. Meanwhile, I had to pretend that I was happy. Awkward."
  • "Grandma got me a pair of jeans that were way too small with a card that read, 'Lose some weight, then maybe you will fit into these.' I was beyond furious, and our relationship was never the same. I didn't shed a tear when she passed away."

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Source: Reddit

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