Most Useful Wellness Trends Of 2022

Lots of things trend on social media, but not all of them are good for you and some can be downright harmful - like NyQuil chicken. But some of the popular trends can actually be helpful, especially in the wellness world, including fitness and mental health. There have been hundreds of trends that have come out this year or have become more popular and experts say just because they’re trendy right now doesn’t mean they need to go away in 2023.

These are some of the most useful mental health and fitness trends experts recommend carrying into the New Year.

Mental Health trends

  • End of people pleasing and entering your “villain era - TikTok has thousands of videos showing people putting a stop to people pleasing and entering their so-called villain era. While setting boundaries and not being a people pleaser are good for mental health, psychologist Dr. Sarah Sarkis notes that the phrase “villain era” isn’t really accurate. So the trend means well and should be continued, but there’s no need to vilify prioritizing your own needs over pleasing others.
  • Healing your inner child - One TikTok trend saw people acknowledge tough moments from childhood and work on healing their inner child, and mental health counselor Genesis Games says that’s an excellent first step. She calls this “probably one of the healthiest trends of 2022.”
  • Openness around diagnoses - Games has noticed more people in 2022 sharing their mental health diagnoses, which she says helps take away some of the stigma, shame and guilt people may feel about seeing a therapist or taking medication for mental health conditions.

Fitness trends

  • Hot girl walks - TikTok made the hot girl walk famous and this trend is great because it encourages people to be active outside in nature and to unplug while they do it.
  • Low-intensity exercise - Yoga, walking, hiking and swimming are becoming more popular and yoga teacher Lindsay Monal says that’s good because it encourages people to listen to their bodies more and do things that are more gentle on their bodies.
  • The shy girl workout - “I love this one because I think this is relatable for so many that may feel intimidated at the gym,” says trainer Breann Mitchell. Lots of people feel uncomfortable at the gym or get gym anxiety and this trend gives ideas to help those that do get their workout in with less worry.

Source: Huff Post

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