Survey Says: Moms Make The Holidays Magical

Would this really be the most wonderful time of the year if moms weren’t bending over backwards to make everything happen? Not so much, according to new research. Café Mom did their own MomIndex survey and found that moms are indeed the default parent during the holidays, something moms everywhere already knew.

Moms are the ones making the holiday magic happen and the poll reveals all the ways they do it:

  • When it comes to holiday shopping, 90% of moms are doing it. That includes getting everything on their own lists, as well as gifts for kids’ teachers, as mamas do 94% of shopping for school-related gifts.
  • More than a third (70%) of moms say they do their partner’s shopping for them and 42% of moms even shop for themselves, as in they buy their OWN presents.
  • And after they do all that shopping, a whopping 90% of moms wrap most of the presents, too.
  • Over three-quarters (78%) of mothers also take charge of the decorating.
  • Holiday travel plans? That’s something 84% of moms are coordinating for their families.
  • And what would the holidays be without festive food and tasty treats? A lot less fun. Luckily, 89% of moms bake holiday cookies and 51% host a big holiday meal.
  • Don’t forget about the holiday cards, which 43% of moms send out.
  • And 74% of moms are doing all of this while working outside the home, as well as all their regular duties, like driving the carpool, doing the laundry, cooking dinner and changing diapers.

Source: Café Mom

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