Perks Of Being Single During The Holidays

Some folks love the holiday season so much, they can’t wait to start decking the halls, while others roll their eyes and are filled with dread the first time they hear “All I Want for Christmas” at the grocery store. December can also be tough for single people, who may dream of having a partner to snuggle up with in front of the fireplace, shop for gifts with and decorate the Christmas tree as a couple.

But some singletons forget about all the upsides of being single during the holidays, including:

  • Your time is your own - The holiday season is hectic with all the events and activities happening, but when you’re single, you get to spend time how you want to. You can sleep in late, spend more time with friends, skip the traditions you don’t like and only keep the ones you love. It’s all up to you.
  • You get to avoid the drama - When you’re in a relationship, most holidays involve splitting time between each other’s family or friends. All those get-togethers and the complicated dynamics can be really stressful, and that’s if everything goes well. When it doesn’t, you or your partner may end up with hurt feelings or being embarrassed about what a relative said or did that was out of line. But you escape all that if you’re single.
  • You can be spontaneous - You could jump on that last-minute travel deal you see online or drive to your parent’s house to surprise them or even stay in your PJs all day and order takeout.
  • You have the potential to meet someone new - When you’re single, you can enjoy all the first date activities that are everywhere during the holidays or hook up with a hottie at the bar. No one’s stopping you.
  • You don’t have to stress about the gift - People in relationships feel a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” present for their partner. So being single not only saves you from that stress, it saves you the money you’d spend on that gift. Plus, you won’t have to fake excitement over the present your S.O. gives you, even though you dropped 200 hints about what you really wanted instead.

Source: USA Today

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