Fathers Giving Free Advice To New Homeowners

There are just some things that dad knows best about, right? That’s basically why there’s a whole subreddit r/DadForAMinute, for people to get advice, understand or praise from a dad. Redditor u/jstohler did just that, asking for dads to share their advice to new homeowners, and the dads didn’t disappoint.

  • "Have a designated location for all, and I mean all, owners manuals. You might not need them, but at some time, you might need to know the make/model of your weed trimmer, or of your garbage disposal."
  • "Buy homeowners and contents insurance. They are often separate. And when buying a home, include the property tax in your budget. It always goes up every year."
  • "Experts who can bang out repairs and make bookcases from scrap lumber found in the gutter make it look hard because they've done it a million times, but you can fix and build stuff, too. YouTube is a godsend to learn how. Experts hate it!"
  • "Make sure you know the location of your circuit breakers, and that each breaker is properly labeled. Same with main power cutoff, too."
  • "Hey, don’t be ashamed to ask someone to fix something for you. Some things, like electrical stuff, are better left to the professionals."
  • "If you live somewhere where you get lots of snow, make sure you clear paths from at least two exits regularly. If you need to escape a fire, you don't want snow blocking your emergency exit."
  • "For bathroom sinks, frequently run very hot water for an extended period to melt away the soap/toothpaste/hair product buildup that happens over time. Heating water to near boiling and then pouring it down the drain produces the same result."

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Source: Reddit

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