The Most Unhinged Things In-Laws Have Done

In-laws…. can be a lot – and as we buckle up for the holidays, a lot of people are thinking about close contact with theirs. Members of the “BuzzFeed Community” are also piping up – and sharing the most unhinged things their in-laws have done or said to them. Check these out…and just ‘the crazy’ for yourself:

  • "I am currently pregnant with our second child, another boy. My mother-in-law continues to refer to the baby as her granddaughter or doesn’t acknowledge its existence at all."
  • "I was with someone who was an only child. His mom constantly accused me of stealing her son away from her. She would cry to him asking why he didn't love mommy as much as me, and she loved putting me down in ways that were oblivious to my partner. After I got cancer, she told me that I didn’t need help looking after my kids because I was strong. We aren’t together anymore."
  • "My mother-in-law put garbage laying around HER yard into MY car instead of tossing it in her dumpster. I now lock my car in her presence."
  • "My sister-in-law wore white to my wedding. Our wedding photo is on the coffee table, sitting there, reminding me of how selfish she always has been and always will be."
  • "My ex-mother-in-law tried to talk me into letting my sister-in-law breastfeed my newborn son. It was a pretty awkward conversation."
  • "There are so many stories from my mother-in-law, but the one that stands out is when we were visiting for Christmas and my husband was leaving to run errands. I said, 'Bye, babe!' and his mother ran over to him, hugged him, and said, 'Yes! Bye, babe!' and then turned to me with a glare and declared, 'He was MY baby first!' What?! No one else in the room even batted an eye at this ridiculous behavior."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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