Single Woman Goes Viral For PowerPoint Sharing Dating Fails

A single woman from Iowa has taken inspo from Spotify’s popular “Spotify Wrapped” playlist that shows your favorite songs and artists from the year and applied it to her love life. Amber created a PowerPoint presentation showing her dating fails of 2022 and turned it into a TikTok video that’s gone viral with more than 3-million views.

“Welcome to my 2022 dating wrapped,” Amber begins her video. “If there’s one thing I know about me, it’s that I love a PowerPoint and apparently, a first date because I went on 18 this year.” Her year-end dating summary includes:

  • A pie chart showing exactly where she met the men she went out with, including Tinder, Hinge, Facebook or “in the wild.” Amber explains that she met one guy ‘in the wild,” but after kissing him in a bar on New Year’s Eve, things “really went downhill from there.”
  • She reveals how many dates she went on during the year, with most men only getting one or two dates and the “highest score” being six dates.
  • Amber shares what each date consisted of, including drinks (33.3%), dinner (22.2%), walks (16.7%) and “other” activities (27.8%) - like getting ice cream and trips to Target.
  • Another chart shows that Amber ended about half of the relationships, men ended 33.3% and there was a mutual ending for 16.7% of the relationships.
  • She even figures out how much she spent on dating this year - $368.36 - and says she wished she hadn’t calculated that expense as “literally anything would have been better” to spend that money on.

And while Amber says she hasn’t learned anything from this year of dating, many of the millions of TikTok viewers are cheering for her video, with some calling it and Amber “iconic.”

  • “This is the kind of social experiment and critical analysis I will be doing in 2023,” one TikTok user writes.
  • “Probably the first PowerPoint I paid attention to from start to finish,” admits another.
  • While Amber’s video is one of the most-watched Dating Wrapped TikToks, she’s not the only woman doing it and the trend seems to have been started by Alexandria McLean, from Toronto, Canada. She calls her summary, “Truly one of the most depressing things I’ve ever done.”

Source: Daily Mail

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