Underrated Date Ideas To Try With Your Partner

Whether we have a go-to spot for a first date or you and your boo hit up the same taco joint every Friday night, it’s easy to get comfortable with the same ‘ole routine. But coming up with new and out of the ordinary date night ideas can be so fun and help keep things new, no matter how long you’ve been dating. Don’t sleep on these underrated date ideas, you may enjoy them much more than you though you would.

  • Check out the holiday decorations. Drive or walk around your neighborhood, bring a cup of hot cocoa with you, and enjoy all the beautiful lights.
  • Hit up a local arcade. Arcades aren’t just for kids! Go with your boo and enjoy some flirty competition.
  • Make a vision board together. If you and your boo have been together for a while, sit down and talk about the future in a fun way, make a vision board for your goals for the future.
  • Play a card game. It could be a raunchy one like Cards Against Humanity or a kid one like Go Fish, no matter what it’ll be fun and can also give you some flirty competition.
  • Take a class. Want to learn a new skill? Why not turn it into a date night and learn it with your boo!
  • Schedule a breakfast date. Why do dates always need to be dinner? Try enjoying a delicious breakfast spread instead.
  • Hit up the gym together. If you’re both into fitness, try working out together!

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Source: Bustle

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