Holiday Gifts That Come With Some Hidden Costs

After you’ve made your list and checked it twice, it’s time to start shopping for all those holiday gifts. But finding the perfect present can be tricky and there’s a lot to consider, especially since some come with strings attached. We’re talking about the extra hidden costs associated with some presents.

Before you pull out your credit card, you should know what you’re getting the recipient into with these gifts:

  • Technology purchases - Who wouldn’t love to unwrap the latest tablet, smartphone or video game console? If you’re considering buying new electronics like this for someone, consider that the recipient will have to pay for games, apps, a case or stand and maybe even a new data plan that costs more than they were paying before.
  • Plane tickets - Paying for someone’s flight can be an amazing - and extravagant - present, but there are other costs to think about relating to the trip. Unless you’re also paying for the vacation’s expenses, like their hotel room, food, souvenirs and transportation, your loved one will have to cover them.
  • Spa package - A day of luxury and relaxation at a spa would make a lot of folks happy, but keep in mind that many spa package deals don’t include a tip. That can really add up if they have a lot of services and tip 20% on each. Also consider if the recipient has kids who would need a babysitter, or if they will need to miss work to enjoy that day of pampering.
  • Pets - Giving someone a pet as a present is rarely a good idea, but there are some exceptions. If you’ve discussed the pet and their care with the recipient, and they definitely want it, you might want to get them the pet. But animals are a huge, long-term responsibility and people may not be ready for that kind of commitment, or the ongoing expense that comes with it.
  • A car - As far as gifts go, this one is about as over-the-top as it gets, but even if the car is paid for in full upfront, the new driver still has a lot to pay for. Think insurance, maintenance and gas, for starters. And if they’re stuck with all those expenses, your generous gift may not be as appreciated as you hope.

Source: USA Today

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