The Worst Financial Mistakes People Have Made

Most people have made at least one financial mistake in their lifetime. But some financial mistakes are much more costly than others… so you don’t want to make them. Thankfully, Reddit user u/daddyfixit95 asked people to share their worst financial mistakes, and here they are for you to learn from and not make the same ones.

  • "Buying a 'money pit' house. It was an architecturally significant 1920s building with all kinds of interesting features. But the house was perpetually in need of expensive repairs and replacements."
  • "I thought I was helping a boyfriend through a rough time with his business. In reality, I was giving him the down payment on a house for him and his wife and kids."
  • "Waiting so long to switch jobs to start making more money."
  • "Going to an expensive private college and the debt that went along with it. Easily the worst mistake of my life."
  • "Signing up for a timeshare while on a weeklong bender and forgetting about it. $15K down the drain."
  • "Sharing a bank account with my ex."
  • "I 'followed my dreams' after college and made an average of about $20K/year until I was like 28–29 years old. I'm still playing catch up, and I make 10 times that now."
  • "Buying clothes I don’t like to fit in with people 'cause I didn’t really have a distinct style. Now that I do, I don’t have the money for it."

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Source: Reddit

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