The Office “Secrets” Everyone At Work Knows About

Every office has gossip, but sometimes it’s more than water cooler small talk can take and a post-work happy hour venting session is in order. And it seems many folks were ready to reveal theirs in a Reddit post. It asks, “At your work, what is the office secret everybody knows?”

Thousands of users have shared the workplace “secret” that nobody has kept and these are some of the most entertaining:

  • “The 15-30 minute breakfast break is not officially allowed, but no one cares, because it significantly raises productivity”
  • “That our boss is cheating on his wife with at least one intern. Neither of them know we all know what's going on.”
  • “One guy was out of work for 10-12 weeks on disability because he pooped his pants on the job, got sent home, and wrecked his car on the way home.”
  • “The company directors and senior management all took themselves on a management holiday to another country a couple of years ago under the guise of a customer meeting. First class flights, 5 star hotel, restaurant meals every night...all at company expense. While none of their staff had a pay rise for years, various projects were failing and so forth.”
  • “Our idea won't make money”
  • “I work at Lowes and one night the only two people working the paint desk left and hooked up in the stock room. There was a huge line of customers that kept asking for help and no one else knew how to mix paint. 30 min later they came back but left the condom in the back. To make it worse, she was dating someone else from work at the time.”
  • “An ex-employee, who still has a key to one of the entrance doors, stops by at night from time to time to help himself to the money in the petty-cash box. We have new security cameras but we can't see the guy's face because he's pretty crafty. Why don't we change the locks? Because we're stupid.”
  • “We have this one really old lady who's been working with us for years. Almost every night we see her taking a pen and putting it in her bag, as she leaves with a triumphant smile on her face.”
  • “About 30% of us basically get paid to watch Youtube or read news because our job responsibilities can usually be fulfilled within a couple hours.”
  • “There's an Executive Wifi network that's off limits to the worker bees. Everyone knows the password.”

Source: Reddit

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