People Born In December Get 160 Fewer Gifts Over Their Lifetime

The holidays may be a time of giving, but people with December birthdays are missing out, according to new research. It finds that those born in December don’t get as many presents as the rest of us and over the course of their lives, they miss out on 160 gifts.

A new study reveals:

  • People born in the other 11 months of the year get an average of six birthday gifts, while those born in December only get an average of four birthday presents a year.
  • That may be why two-thirds (67%) of them say December is the worst month to have a birthday and 75% say they routinely receive joint birthday and Christmas presents.
  • More than half (55%) admit they feel disappointed and underwhelmed when they get shorted on birthday gifts, especially compared to what they see the rest of us get all year long.
  • Folks born in December also get a lot of birthday presents with a festive twist and some of the most disappointing are a box of chocolates (38%), a Christmas beauty gift (28%) and holiday-scented toiletries (19%).
  • Nearly 25% of December birthday people say they’ve even had to wait for the holiday sales to start to get their present because friends and family were waiting for discounts.

But on the flip side, there are a few reasons December birthdays can be great:

  • People are more likely to dress up for the occasion since it’s the holiday season.
  • The party food selection is impressive this time of year.
  • Everything is already decorated, so you’re all set for a party.
  • More people are likely to be home during the month of December.
  • Gift guides are everywhere this month, so loved ones have plenty of present inspo.

Source: Metro

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