What A Love Of Spicy Food May Reveal About Your Personality

If you can’t get enough spicier foods, you’re more likely to lead a spicier life, new research finds. According to a poll of 2-thousand American adults, how spicy you like your food actually reveals a lot about your personality.

The heat preference survey finds:

  • Spicy food eaters tend to enjoy trying new things (76%), consider themselves attractive (62%) and are more content with their lives (66%) than those who like to keep things mild.
  • While 93% of respondents say they prefer some level of heat in their food, only 24% like their spice level hot, 36% go for medium heat and 33% prefer mild, but only 7% say they opt for no heat at all.
  • Of the spicy food lovers, 21% consider themselves extroverted, compared to just 15% of mild food eaters. Around half (54%) of those who can take the heat are also more likely to describe themselves as creative, confident (51%) and adventurous (44%) and more than three-quarters (76%) of them say they like traveling.
  • And on the flip side, those who like things on the milder side are more likely to describe themselves as empathetic (41%) and shy (37%.)
  • Medium spice fans fall somewhere in the middle, with half (50%) describing themselves as calm and 44% as curious.
  • Nearly a third (31%) of spicy lovers follow a specific diet, like vegan or vegetarian, more than double the no spice fans.
  • Looking at astrology, Virgos are the most likely to enjoy hot foods, Leos tend to like medium spice and Sagittariuses tend to prefer no spice at all.
  • As for the holidays, more than half (56%) of medium heat fans consider themselves the best givers, but hot food fans are most likely to be tasting the food (48%) or “stirring the pot” by causing drama with friends and family (11%).

Source: Study Finds

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