Topics Happy Couples Talk About Regularly

Do you and your sweetie struggle to find things to talk about, or do you get really into deep conversations and subjects? People are happier when they spend more time talking about meaningful things than engaging in small talk, research shows. Those in the study who reported being most satisfied only spent 10% of their conversation on small talk, while the unhappiest subjects spent 28.3% of their time on chit -chat.

While the study couldn’t conclude whether people are happy because they engage in deep talks or whether they talk about meaningful topics because they are happy. But either way, the study shows how important “real conversation” is and that goes for couples, too. These are some of the things happy couples talk about on a regular basis.

  • Embarrassing moments - If you can’t share your awkward memories or cringeworthy stories with your partner, who can you tell them to? Don’t be afraid to reveal yours to each other.
  • Political views - You don’t have to agree with each other, but a good relationship can handle both partners getting real about their beliefs without offending the other person.
  • Fears and insecurities - Being able to be open about what worries you most and what you’re afraid of is important.
  • Your childhood - Sharing the way you grew up and what you were like as a kid can help your S.O. know how you became the person you are today.
  • Past relationships - This can be a touchy subject, but acknowledging what happened and why that relationship didn’t work out can be therapeutic and if you can share that with your partner? Even better.
  • Family ties - Understanding someone’s upbringing and relationship with their family can really help you understand their attitude toward family, which is important if you’re considering a future with this person.
  • Current events - There’s so much happening in the world, it’s helpful to know how your partner feels about it.
  • TV and movies - The study puts talks about movies in the “deep” category, as people focus on plots and character motivations more than just who looks good on screen.
  • The future - Talking about dreams, goals and aspirations is definitely deep and something happy couples do together.

Source: YourTango

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