What It's Like Being The Only Single In A Friend Group

Sure, you’re so pumped for all your friends in relationships. But when you’re the only single in your friend group, it can take a toll on you. There’s things you have to deal with, on your own, that they don’t. Some in this situation have taken to Twitter to share funny – and super relatable – tweets about being the only single in their friend group.

  • “Being the only single person at a group AirBnB is a fun game of where will I be banished to sleep.”
  • “As the only single person in the girl group I feel like it’s my responsibility to provide everyone with the comedy gold that comes out of dating apps.”
  • “Im gonna be the one single friend making drunk heart to heart speeches at all my friends weddings.”
  • “being single is fun but being the only single one in ur friend group … not fun.”
  • “Thinking about how many times my dating life has been used as a storytime to my friends’ significant others.”
  • “Airbnb’s when you’re the single one in the group really be like “yeah we cleared a drawer for you in the kitchen for you to sleep in”.
  • “When ur the only 'single' friend at the gathering and they all start cuddeling at the table: my cue to leave.”
  • “As the single friend I feel like it’s my responsibility to remind all my married friends that they’re not ready for kids at every possible opportunity.”

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Source: Huffington Post

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