Things Parents Told Kids That Aren’t Really True

If you have kids, or just remember being one, you know that parents tell their kids some crazy things, knowing every word they say will be believed. The thing is, those kids grow up and find out the truth one day. A Reddit thread asks, “What’s something you were told as a kid that proved to be untrue as you aged?”

From the things moms and dads said to stop certain behaviors to the blatant deceptions, these are the things people were lied to about as kids.

  • “If you cross your eyes they’ll get stuck like that…. Still get nervous crossing my eyes as an adult lol”
  • “You won't have a calculator with you at all times”
  • “If you swallow watermelon seeds they would grow in your belly. Also, gum will stay in your belly for seven years”
  • “‘You’ll get all the attention from the ladies’ Not quite grandma, but thanks I love you too”
  • “Looks don't matter."
  • “Ignore them, and they'll go away." This is not how bullies work.”
  • “Adults know what’s going on and are properly managing situations.”
  • “Do what you love (for a job) and you'll never work a day in your life.”
  • “Mom: It’s literally deadly for a child to stay up past 11 pm.”
  • “Kind strangers would offer me free drugs.”
  • “That quicksand was going to be a major issue”
  • “That high school years would be the best years of your life. This might be true for 10% of the population.”
  • “That I could get us in trouble with the police for having a dome light on while driving at night.”
  • “My soccer coach told 12-year-old me that soda would stunt my growth. I still don’t drink soda at age 30.”
  • “Cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis”
  • “Money doesn't buy happiness." The f*ck it doesn't. The amount of happiness being wealthy has brought me is astronomical.”

Source: Reddit

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