Permanent Changes People Made Because Of The Pandemic

The pandemic brought about a ton of changes for everyone, some temporary and some that have become permanent… because people wanted them to stay. So what are these pandemic changes that people plan on keeping? “Buzzfeed” commenters shared theirs.

  • "I go for long walks on my own in the countryside. I wasn't allowed to leave my city during the pandemic to see family or a tree or the absence of people everywhere. So now I go out into the fields and country when I can and just walk."
  • "This is a weird one, but I've gotten really into wearing colorful makeup. I think to myself, Even if it's that badly applied, I'm going out wearing a mask anyway, so all I need are sunglasses and I'm covering half my face."
  • "I may never wear normal pants again."
  • "Salad bars. My favorite local, small grocery store chain has an amazing one that I loved prepandemic. I can no longer touch the shared serving utensils, let alone trust the sneeze guard above all the items."
  • "I still keep 6 feet away from people, even when we’re in conversation at work. And I do curbside grocery pickup. I tried to shop in person this summer and nearly had an anxiety attack when people kept bumping up against me."
  • "I always thought Crocs were super ugly, but I got a pair to wear when the pandemic first hit because they're easy to clean or hose down with sanitizer. Two and a half years later, and I now own about 25 pairs and counting. I may never go back to real shoes."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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