Stop Using These Arrogant Sounding Phrases At Work

Sure, you want to sound knowledgeable and confident at work. But sometimes you think that’s how you sound when you really just sound arrogant. Your tone, the situation, and the context all have a lot to do with it, but there are some phrases that shouldn’t be said in the workplace. What are these phrases?

Kathryn and Ross Petras are authors of the book and hosts of the podcast “You’re Saying It Wrong.” They used a 2011 study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology to come up with a list of phrases that come off as arrogant and here they are.

  1. “I don’t mean to brag, but …”
  2. “I already knew that ...” (or “Doesn’t everyone know that?”)
  3. “I’m pretty sure that …”
  4. “No offense, but ….”
  5. Overusing “I” (or “me)
  6. “Oh, I’m just kidding!”
  7. “You probably don’t know this, but …”
  8. “If I were you, I’d ….”

Source: Lifehacker

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