People Share What Ruined Thanksgiving For Them This Year

Gathering with loved ones for a holiday meal can be a lovely experience, right up until family drama, kitchen disasters and kids having meltdowns get in the way. Even if you manage to steer clear of political debates and avoid the intrusive personal questions from relatives, one poorly timed event, comment or recipe can wreck the whole day.

A Reddit thread asks, “What ruined your Thanksgiving this year?” and it seems a lot of people have a lot to share on the subject. These are some of the incidents that ruined Turkey Day for Redditors:

  • “Woke up to $700 in fraudulent charges to my account and couldn't call the bank. On top of being stuck at home I had something to stress me out even though I know it's easily taken care of.”
  • “Tooth infection that spread. Went to the dentist yesterday to get antibiotics and it ballooned across my face overnight. So here I am, sitting in ER triage with a 101.3 fever and a face that hurts like hell.”
  • “I asked for the address and never got a response. Responds 4 hours later: “Ok… well we already ate and everyone left… so just stay home and eat there.” Go on Ig and see the family pics. Thanks dad. That’s nice.”
  • “Girlfriend broke up with me last night so I've been spending the entire Thanksgiving trying to act like it doesn't bother me”
  • “Big dinner. Turkey. Stuffing. Mash potatoes. Corn bread. The whole 9 yards. A colleague's daughter says she has a stomach ache and doesn't feel well. Gut feeling is making me suspicious. We sit down. She gets up and proceeds to vomit all over the floor. Thankfully she missed the table.”
  • “A bunch of people who wouldn't get out of my d*mn kitchen. Because I'm a guy all the old women think I can't do anything. Well, meemaw, we still got three pounds of your dry a*s potatoes but nothing I made has leftovers.”
  • “On my way to my sister's, my son who is 4 complained about a headache. We get to my sister's, he plops on the couch, he cries about his head some more. I pick him up and he pukes all over me, the floor and on the dinner table. Luckily the food wasn't out so no-one else's Thanksgiving took a big hit.”
  • “I announced I'm pregnant and the first thing my aunt said was ‘no wonder you look so fat’”
  • “Slicing my hand open while trying to open the damn cranberry sauce”
  • “My sister (whose house it was at) had an edible before the food was even ready and then retreated to her room due to being too high and started hinting for people to leave.”
  • “A judgmental dietitian who bulldozed the menu. There are 364 other days in the year for health consciousness. Let me have my carbs and sodium”

Source: Reddit

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