"A Christmas Story" Homeowner Kicks One of the Actors Off The Property

An actor from the cast of “A Christmas Story” has been banned from the movie’s iconic Cleveland home. Yano Anaya, who played bully Grover Dill, was posing for pictures recently when the owner of the home, Brian Jones, arrived and went kind of ballistic.

Using a number of expletives, Jones told Anaya to leave his property immediately and to “never come here again.” Claiming Anaya is “a scammer” and “a loser,” Jones accuses of Anaya of “f***ing me over.”

According to Anaya's business partner Emmanuel Soba, the confrontation stems from a misunderstanding about Anaya and Soba’s plans to buy the iconic home...which Jones has placed on the market. The heated exchange caught both potential buyers off-guard, because according to Soba dealings with Jones have been productive. Jones doesn't see it that way...and has since apologized for his outburst.

Source: TMZ

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