Happiness Expert’s Phrases To “Instantly Brighten” Someone’s Day

We all have a superpower we might not even know about, according to Stephanie Harrison, an expert in happiness and well-being. She says it’s the power to make another person glow. And it’s easier than you think to achieve.

Harrison explains that small acts of kindness, like complimenting someone, have a big impact. Science backs her up on this, as one study found that we underestimate how happy someone feels after they get a compliment. To channel your thoughtful side and let people know that they matter to you, which you may want to do as you show gratitude on Thanksgiving, she recommends these phrases to “instantly brighten someone’s day.”

  • “I am proud of you” - You don’t have to save it for big achievements, like a promotion or graduation, you can tell someone this when they make progress, try something new for the first time or act with compassion.
  • “I see your gifts” - Studies have shown that using your strengths is associated with living a happier life and you can help people see what they’re best at by calling it out when you see it in action.
  • “Tell me more about that” - You’ll always make someone’s day when you ask them to tell you more about their interests, feelings or experiences.
  • “I love you as you are” - People need to feel loved and accepted, so remind them that they are.
  • “I am grateful for you” - Expressing gratitude can start a positive cycle and one study found that when you feel appreciated by your partner, you also become more appreciative of them.
  • “You are making a difference” - Hearing this will keep them from feeling discouraged and motivate them to keep doing what they’re doing.
  • “You inspire me” - Just think of how much it would mean to someone to hear you say this.
  • “You can do this” - We all struggle at times and these words of encouragement could be just the boost someone needs.
  • “You changed my life” - If someone’s had a positive impact on your life, why not let them know?

Source: CNBC

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