Life Lessons Women In Their 30s Wish They Had Learned Sooner

The best way to learn in life is through your own mistakes… and the mistakes of others. Younger millennial and Gen Z females listen up, because women in their 30s of the “Buzzfeed Community” are sharing the life lessons they wish they learned sooner.

  • "If you aren't going to accept most invites, you'll stop getting invited."
  • "Sometimes being alone is better than being in the wrong company."
  • "It's not selfish to prioritize yourself. Love yourself. Make decisions that benefit you and not anyone else. You only have to answer to yourself and no one else, so don't be apologetic about it."
  • "Don't let anyone try to tell you that being married with kids isn't aspirational. I love my career and make great money, but my fiancé and our future kids will always be my priority over any job. That doesn't make me any less of a powerful, intelligent, or courageous woman."
  • "Don't over-pluck your eyebrows. They don't always grow back the same. You also are not obligated to shave any parts of your body unless you feel like it. You're a person, not a doll."
  • "Educate yourself on all financial aspects of your life — taxes, 401(k)s, investments, CDs. It'll set you up for a wonderful future."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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