Things We Thought Were Super Classy As Kids, But Aren't

When you’re a kid, everything seems new and cool, but as you get older, you realize that the things you thought were super classy… really aren’t. The “Buzzfeed Community” shared the things they thought were, but quickly learned in adulthood aren’t.

  • "As a kid, I thought if you had a bunk bed, you were rich because it would save a lot of room for your toys and such."
  • "I thought Lunchables were really fancy, since my mom never let me have them when I was growing up. But I found out later in life that she just didn't let us have them because she didn't think they were healthy."
  • "Those long candlelighters. Growing up, we had the paper matches to light. Usually, I saw only the fancy people on TV use them."
  • "All-white Christmas lights on your house. My family would drive around looking at Christmas lights, and in fancier areas, they would always use just white lights. I assumed they must be more expensive."
  • "Preteen and early-teen me definitely dreamed about having a canopy bed when I was a grown-up. I'm almost 40 now and I still don't have one."
  • "I always thought if your house had a second story, it meant you were rolling in money."
  • "Refrigerators that have the bottom freezer or that open at the top with two doors, LOL."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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