Bring These Things To Be a Great Thanksgiving Guest

Most of us don’t like showing up empty-handed when we go to someone else’s house for a gathering and flowers and wine are our go-to gifts for hosts. And they are usually well-received, because everyone likes flowers and an extra bottle of wine seldom goes to waste. But those gifts do require extra work for the host, as they have to stop what they’re doing and find a vase and an ice bucket to chill the wine.

But if you’re going to someone’s home for Thanksgiving, the last thing you want to do is add to the host’s last-minute to-do list, so it may be time to rethink your standard host gifts. If you really want to bring the host something they’ll love, show your thanks by taking tasks off their plate. These three gifts won’t cost you much and your Thanksgiving host will most likely appreciate them more than flowers and wine.

  • Your own apron - Bring your favorite apron from home, put it on when you arrive, then head into the kitchen and announce, “I’m here to help!” Your host may be too busy and frazzled to delegate, and this approach is better than the passive, “Let me know if I can help.” Becoming the host’s go-to assistant may just make you a holiday hero and it couldn’t be easier.
  • Your own take-home containers - Have you ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner that didn’t end with tons of leftovers? We haven’t either and sometimes there’s more food than the host has storage containers for. So you can do them a favor by coming with your own plastic containers, repurposed takeout tubs or reusable silicone bags. And by bringing your own, you may even get first dibs on leftovers.
  • A stain remover - When a guest splashes a little gravy on their shirt, your host will appreciate you stepping up and offering a Tide to Go pen or Shout wipes to get the stain out. You’ll keep the host from having to get up to find a stain remover and the guest will be glad you’re well prepared for the inevitable spill.

Source: The New York Times

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