Our Most Cherished Holiday Traditions

When the holiday season comes around, people feel endless nostalgia, new research shows. A survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults who celebrate a winter holiday finds that two-thirds would love to recreate the magic of their favorite childhood memories this year.

The survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by the makers of the SPAM® Brand to coincide with the launch of their new holiday flavor also reveals:

  • Nearly three-quarters (69%) of respondents had holiday traditions growing up and 43% say their longest-running holiday traditions have been happening for 16 years or longer.
  • 72% say they enjoyed the holidays more when they were young and just over a third (35%) say their fondest holiday memories happened between the ages of six and 10.
  • Most cherished traditions for those surveyed include decorating the Christmas tree (43%), seeing friends and family (40%), decorating the home (29%), watching classic holiday movies (26%) and eating holiday meals (25%).
  • People also shared what they feel marks the “true” start of the holiday season, which for nearly half of respondents is putting up the Christmas tree (47%), holiday music on the radio (47%), putting up holiday decorations (46%), watching holiday movies (44%) and seeing seasonal foods or holiday flavors (42).
  • Two-thirds of those surveyed are parents and 91% of them say they want their kids to experience the magic of the holidays. More than half of them (52%) have adapted their childhood holiday traditions for their family, which include collecting new decorations (50%), watching modern remakes of classic holiday movies (43%) and connecting with loved ones virtually (41%).
  • Food is a big part of holiday traditions for 83% of respondents and the flavors that bring up holiday nostalgia and comfort include cinnamon (58%), pumpkin (54%), peppermint (52%) and cocoa (47%).

Source: SWNS

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