Tips For Responding To Food-Shaming Comments This Holiday Season

What is it about holiday gatherings that gives people the impression they can say anything they feel like? Whether it’s a comment about your second helping of mashed potatoes or a backhanded compliment about how you look so thin, you may find yourself dealing with unsolicited comments from loved ones about your food choices and your body. Preparing yourself ahead of time can help you handle these situations when they come up.

Here’s what therapists and nutritionists recommend for responding to those unwelcome remarks.

  • Unwanted comments about the size of your body - It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, eating disorder specialist and psychologist Lauren Muhlheim reminds that commenting on other people’s bodies is inappropriate. If it happens to you, you could respond with something like “I’m uncomfortable talking about this” or just ignore it and change the subject.
  • Unwanted comments about how much or how little you eat - Whether you’re going back for seconds at dinner or barely finishing what’s on your plate, it’s nothing anyone else should be talking about. A response like, “I am sure you’re concerned about me, but my body/my eating/etc. is none of your business” should shut the comments down.
  • Judgmental comments about food being served - Not everyone has the time, money or desire to prepare a beautiful homemade meal, but some people throw shade on store-bought items like Stove Top stuffing mix or pies. If you’re met with a snarky comment about your pre-made or store-bought contribution, respond with something like, “I was traveling this year and couldn’t make anything, so I picked this up.” or “Cooking just isn’t my thing, so I got food from the store! Hope we can still enjoy it.”

Source: Huff Post

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