Beware of "Snow Globing" When Dating During The Holidays

The holidays are full of fun and cheer, but if you’re single, it can bring a totally different set of emotions, like loneliness. This season is also bringing with it a new dating trend, “snow globing” and even though it sounds super cute, it’s really not. 

Minaa B, a relationship expert for eharmony, “Snow globing is a dating trend during the holiday season when a person engages in loving acts and appears to want to become more serious with their partner. Then they disengage, retreat or change their behavior after the holidays end.” 

Why would people do this? Minaa explains that too, “Humans are wired for connection and holidays are historically known for moments of love, connection, and celebration, which induces this ‘high’ feeling. We also see an increase in romantic holiday movies and entertainment, which reinforces the message that the holidays are rooted in love.” 

There are some signs you can look out for that someone’s snow globing you:

  • An increase in desire for connection specifically during the holiday.
  • Being pushy about meeting someone’s family during the holiday season (especially if the person mentioned in the past that they were not ready to meet each other’s families).
  • Pushiness to attend events like Christmas parties but not inviting you to more intimate gatherings like hanging with friends.
  • A decrease in attention after the holidays are over (ghosting, slow response time, not initiating dates).

Source: Lifehacker

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