What Seniors Would Do Differently If They Could Go Back

Would you want to travel back and relive a specific part of your life, if time travel was possible? A third of seniors say they would, according to new research. A survey of 2-thousand Americans 65 and older finds that 36% wish they knew what they know now about love, finances or health when they were younger and 36% also say they’d make different decisions if they knew back then what they know now.

The poll of senior Americans reveals:

  • If they could relive any decade of their life, 30% would opt for their 30s and 25% for their 20s, because they remember these as the happiest decades of their lives.
  • Given the chance to redo one major life decision, people would have saved more money (20%) or invested earlier (14%).
  • But more than a third (36%) say regardless of the past, they’re happy with their life the way it is and the same number believe the mistakes they made in the past helped them by teaching valuable life lessons in the long run.
  • Close to half (42%) of seniors surveyed admit they would miss their current life if things were different than they are now.
  • With the knowledge they have today, respondents say they would feel confident advising younger generations about education (41%), money (37%) and health (36%).
  • Advice seniors would give to people in their 20s includes that it’s important to “be patient and open to hearing and listening at the same time,” to “enjoy every step in life” and to “not let others decide your choice for you.”
  • As for the advice they’d give to themselves in their 20s, that includes “accept challenges,” to “follow your intuition” and “don’t be afraid to seize life.”

Source: NY Post

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