Survey Reveals Americans Thanksgiving Travel Plans

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, chances are you already know where you’ll be spending the holiday and a new survey from offers insight into people’s travel plans. They asked 18-hundred Americans about whether they’re hitting the road, heading to the airport or staying put for Turkey Day this year and it turns out, more than half (61%) plan to travel.

The survey reveals:

  • Of the 61% who are traveling for Thanksgiving, 80% will be driving to their destination and 15% will be flying.
  • One reason the majority of folks will be on the road instead of on a plane is that they’re not going far, with 40% traveling within 20 miles of home and another 25% traveling between 21 and 50 miles.
  • Nearly half of survey participants report that they prefer to fly, but will be driving because of the high cost of air travel.
  • Small travel companions also influence people’s travel preferences, as 42% will be traveling with children and 8% will be bringing their pets along. Of the 56% of respondents that need a car seat for their kids, 34% say it’s a lot easier to drive with a car seat than fly. And 28% of those polled say they would normally fly, but they’re driving in order to bring their pet along.
  • For those staying home for Thanksgiving, 58% say they don’t typically travel for Thanksgiving.
  • Higher gas prices and rising daily expenses are the reason 24% are staying put.


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