How To Make Your Kids a Little Less Materialistic During Holidays

‘Tis the season for kids making lists of all the things they want for the holidays and lots of parents will frantically shop for every item their little ones ask for. But many moms and dads know their kids already have too many toys and question whether these new wish-list items really will spark joy for their kids in the months, or even weeks ahead.

Trying to steer your kids toward a more minimalist lifestyle can seem challenging, but it’s not impossible. So how do you teach kids to be happier with fewer things and learn the difference between what they want and what they need? These expert tips can help as we get closer to the big gift-giving holidays.

  • Give gifts that aren’t toys - Instead of yet another toy your child will lose interest in before the packaging even gets recycled, consider presents like tickets or season passes to fun places, or subscriptions to magazines or a themed subscription box.
  • Limit toy-buying to the holiday season - If you still want to see the magic of a pile of toys under the tree on Christmas morning, think about limiting toy-buying during the rest of the year. It may make it tough when a must-have toy comes out later in the year, but the anticipation for it will build and make it even more special when they do get it.
  • Give them the gift of STEM - Kids are naturally curious, so feed that by getting them cool kits that engage them in science, technology, engineering and math. Science experiment kits, crystal-growing labs, robot building kits and even kits that make bath bombs and lip balms are all crowd-pleasers.
  • Spend more time in nature - Cultivate a more minimalist mindset for kids by helping them appreciate more than just material things by doing more outside together. Biking, hiking and camping all check that box.
  • Teach them basics about finances - Show them the value of a dollar by taking them shopping and show them how you comparison shop and find the best prices on everything from toothpaste to shoes.

Source: Lifehacker

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