Coffee Habits That Probably Age You Faster

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee every morning to get your day started? Lots of us do, in fact a study from the National Coffee Association finds that 62% of Americans drink some form of coffee every day. And research shows it’s linked to health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Unfortunately, there are some bad coffee habits that can actually contribute to faster aging. Here’s what some medical experts tell us to avoid so we don’t get those downsides from our coffee.

  • Drinking coffee instead of eating breakfast - Registered dietitian Lisa Moskovitz warns that “skipping this prime meal time can lead to a less nutritious diet.” And a study about meal schedules finds that eating patterns where participants skip breakfast regularly were linked with more cognitive decline than those with more balanced meal times.
  • Adding lots of cream and sugar - If you’re not drinking your coffee black, it could negatively affect your health. Going overboard with the sugar could add up over time, Moskovitz says. As you age, that habit could lead to a major increase in blood sugar and inflammation, among other health conditions. One study finds that eating higher amounts of added sugar is associated with “greater "frailty” in older adults, and regularly eating lots of sugar can age your skin faster as well, leading to more sagging and wrinkles.
  • Drinking coffee instead of water - Not staying properly hydrated is bad for your overall health and Moskovitz cautions that forgetting to chase caffeine with water can “lead to dehydration that can negatively impact your skin, digestion, energy levels, nutrient absorption and even joints.”
  • Drinking coffee into the night - Even if you don’t feel like an evening cup of coffee keeps you up, caffeine is a stimulant and it can disrupt rest. Poor sleep can negatively affect the immune system, mood, energy levels, metabolism and more and according to one study, just one night of inadequate sleep can age cells faster.

Source: Eat This Not That

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