How To Become A Morning Person and Protect Your Health

Are you a night owl or a morning person? Most of us fall solidly into one of these categories and while being a night owl isn’t bad, research shows being an early bird actually has more health benefits. And it turns out, you can switch to being a morning person, if you decide to put the effort in.

But why would you want to? Being an early bird can protect your physical and mental health:

Unfortunately there’s no magic fix that can turn you into an early bird, but there are things you can do to shift when you wake up and sleep. It won’t happen overnight, it’s a process you have to work at, and these tips can help.

  • Prioritize sleep hygiene - This is your sleep habits and adding things that relax you to your nightly routine can help you fall asleep faster.
  • Use lighting - Getting some sunlight in the morning can make a big impact in helping you feel more awake.
  • Make your bedtime 15 to 20 minutes earlier - It’s unrealistic to try to change your bedtime by hours all at once, but gradually shifting it by about 20 minutes at a time is doable.
  • Don’t bring your phone to bed - Most of us do this, even though we know we shouldn’t. But the blue light can negatively affect the melatonin release that we need to get sleepy, so you’re better off staying off your phone and not scrolling at bedtime.

Source: CNet

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