Things That Make Women Want To Leave A Date’s Home NOW

No matter how well it’s going with someone you’re dating, the real test of whether the relationship progresses happens when you finally see each other’s homes. Sometimes it’s a relief, other times it’s downright frightening and a thread on Reddit’s Ask Women section is revealing the things that make us say “nope!”

It asks, “Women of Reddit: You go back to your date’s place and seeing this makes you leave immediately. What is it?” These are some of the most interesting responses:

  • “A poster of a hot bikini babe/porn star girl who looks nothing like me.”
  • “Animal feces on the floor. Shows a serious lack of responsibility, maturity, and I question their hygiene practices.”
  • “A dirty bathroom. Also, if they don’t have sheets and just a dirty blanket covering their mattress.”
  • “Evidence of a girlfriend”
  • “Beard trimmings everywhere, mold or grime in the tub, no hand soap, and crusty man funk smells.”
  • “A mattress on the floor always gets me running. Like, you’re an adult, act like it.”
  • “Female toiletries and stuff all over.”
  • “Viking paraphernalia. I've dated some weird guys but the ones who are obsessed with Vikings are the most delusional.”
  • “No books anywhere.”
  • “Lives at parents’ house and didn’t tell me before arriving.”
  • “A hole in the wall like they punched it”
  • “An absurd amount of anime girl items”
  • “Trash as decor, i.e empty liquor bottles on display”
  • “I don’t have time to describe the actual apartment that I experienced but let’s say it starts with pet rats in plastic bins right when you walk in, includes a car engine in the bedroom, and ends with the night table that was just piled up clothes. I tried to be nice, but I should have run.”

Source: Reddit/Ask Women

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