How Parents Plan To Get Hot Holiday Items For Kids

Halloween was just last week, but when it comes to holiday gifts for their kids, new research shows parents like to start early. A survey of 2-thousand parents with children 18 and younger looks at how they’re planning to get their hands on the perfect presents for their kids. It finds that two in three started staking out the best deals way back in September.

The Toy Association poll also reveals:

  • 42% of parents say their child is expecting a hot-ticket item this year.
  • The average parent checks on prices for certain items four times a week, while 38% do it more than four times in a week.
  • Parents of kids ages four to six and ages 13 to 15 report being the most alert to prices.
  • As for budgets, 36% say theirs is tighter this year than last, while 34% say they have a bit more to spend.
  • Parents are budgeting an average of $220 for each child, but 28% are trying to keep it under $100.
  • While shopping for the kiddos, moms and dads say they run into issues around product availability (42%) and not knowing what to get (29%).
  • If they’re having a hard time finding the hot-ticket item their child wants for the holidays, 44% of parents admit they would consider buying it from an unknown seller.
  • Four in five parents would be suspicious if they saw a hot-ticket item being sold for a much cheaper price from an unknown online seller, but 41% say they’d still be tempted to buy it without checking the seller.

Source: SWNS Digital

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