Ugly Truths About Adulthood People Wish They Learned Earlier

Being an adult is hard… a lot harder than we thought before we became adults. Redditor u/Demigirl71 thought so, and asked her fellow Redditors “What is one ugly truth you learned as you got older?”

  • "That aspects of your personality are sh*t and need to change. Introspection is the hardest skill that I've found when it comes to living."
  • "Your family really isn’t as perfect as you thought, and you’re allowed to distance from aspects you don’t like."
  • "The people who seem like they know the most — like they're naturally organized and have it all together — really just have a routine. No one really has any answers. None of us really know what we're doing. All we've got is structure, or lack thereof."
  • "That there are people who will get very far in life simply because they were born with privilege — and that the most I can do is work myself to the bone and pray for the best."
  • "Love is not a feeling; it’s a choice."
  • "You were supposed to save for retirement since 21."
  • "People are not responsible for the version of them that you create in your head — an especially hard lesson for people you really care about."

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Source: Reddit

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