Female Self-Help Author Slammed For List Of Things Women Don’t Want

A self-help author from Texas is being called out after posting a video that claims women don’t want to succeed in the workplace and that their lives should basically just revolve around their families. Bethany Beal, whose books include, “A Single Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Dating and Marriage,” claims women would rather ditch their careers than “compete with men” at work and that women should spend their lives “preparing” for a future relationship.

Beal is being slammed for the Instagram video she captions, “Five things women do not want.” In it she claims women:

  • “Don’t want to compete with men in the workplace (men can have the 9 to 5)”
  • “Don’t want to waste their most fertile years chasing a job or degree”
  • “Don’t want a career before family”
  • “Don’t want to be boss babes” and
  • “Don’t want to hustle our lives away”

In the caption, Beal says women are “over competing, chasing and hustling,” and she encourages women to get in on the “online course master training” she created to make those five claims a reality. After she was hit with some backlash, the author limited comments on the post, but some women got to have their say before that:

  • “Please do not speak for all women,” comments one. “I value my college education and how quickly I am climbing up the corporate ladder. I enjoy competition, whether it be with men or women.”
  • “It’s not for everyone, just like being a stay at home mom and wife isn’t for everyone,” another woman writes of being career-oriented. “I don’t want kids and there's nothing wrong with that.”
  • Another woman calls the post “crushing and devastating,” adding that Beal doesn’t take into account “women who are healthcare workers who decide to pursue a career before (or instead of) having children.”

Source: Daily Mail

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