Women Share The Craziest Reason Someone Dumped Them

Breakups are never fun, but sometimes they leave you more confused than heartbroken. A thread on Reddit’s Ask Women section wants to know, “What was the most f-ed up reason someone broke up with you?”

And if you thought your exes were bad, check out these crazy excuses women have gotten for being dumped”

  • “‘I’m too young to be in a relationship, I should be traveling the world instead of settling down!’ He was 24 and two weeks later he was signing a 30-year mortgage … and dating his new coworker.”
  • “‘I can’t/don’t want to deal with your grief.’ I had just lost a parent.”
  • “I started wearing thongs, he thought it was inappropriate, lol.”
  • “I didn’t have a college degree. I was in college working on my degree at that time.”
  • “‘I need a partner in crime to go see bands and concerts with, who loves music like me.’ I was in the middle of a Bachelor of Music degree. I did nothing but go see bands. All the time.”
  • “He got a job as a bartender in Vegas and he didn’t think he could stay faithful while working in a place like that.”
  • “That I was too nice and not a challenge.”
  • “I’m in therapy and he ‘will never be serious about someone with mental health issues.’”
  • “He said, ‘All my friends told me to, so I did.’”
  • “Because my hair was too curly.”
  • “We had been together for a couple of months when he told me that he’s breaking up with me because his pastor had arranged for him and the pastor’s daughter to get married.”
  • “I wore a hat on our date night. He didn't like it. I refused to take it off. He broke up with me.”
  • “Because I had kids. Both of them were his.”
  • “We had the same last name and he was afraid we were related”

Source: Reddit/Ask Women

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