Millennial Home Trends We'll Be Cringing At In 20 Years

Every generation has different tastes, and that includes when it comes to decorating their home. So, what millennial trends are big right now but may cause eyerolls in 20 years? Members of the “Buzzfeed Community” shared their thoughts.

  • "50,000 shades of gray throughout a space."
  • "Geometric, hexagonal, and chevron patterns."
  • "Plants everywhere."
  • "Epoxy resin wood coffee tables with hair pin legs."
  • "Excessive throw pillows."
  • "White subway tile."
  • "Repurposed furniture and DIY."
  • "Chalkboard painted walls."
  • "Live edge wood everything."
  • "Keep Calm and Carry On posters."
  • "Dark-stained planks with bright, white-painted phrases."
  • “Edison bulbs!”
  • “Farmhouse sinks.”

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Source: Buzzfeed

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