Here's Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Most coffee drinkers can’t wait to get that first sip of java in the morning, but one expert is suggesting folks need to wait…at least until they’ve had something to eat first.

Functional Nutritional Therapist Olivia Hedlund has gone viral on TikTok for warning folks they should not drink coffee on an empty stomach. She says the acidic nature of coffee can cause problems in your gut and hormones, causing a lot of stress on your body. 

"If you drink coffee first thing on an empty stomach, stop what you’re doing and listen. You are messing with your hormones,” she says. "Coffee is not only acidic, so it’s hard on our stomach in the morning, but it literally causes our bodies to go into a stress response, to shoot out cortisol, and to put us in kind of a fight or flight stat,” adding that’s what causes jitters and shakes after your cup of joe. She also suggests it can cause hormonal acne.

So, what should you be doing? She says that to reduce intensity in your stomach, people should eat things like eggs, raw dairy, berries or some stewed fruit including apples, pears or berries.

Source: Metro UK

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